My 5 top tips for healthy hair.

  • Get a good quality brush which doesn’t snag or tear your hair. I recommend the tangle teezer for long hair, and always start from the bottom of the hair upwards so your not creating a bigger knot! With curly hair use a wide tooth comb to gently comb through the hair when in the shower and conditioner is on.


  • Try not to over straighten or curl the hair with heat appliances. The perfect temperture to have is 185 degrees ,which will straighten or curl the hair with minimal damage, any higher then this is will do more damage to the hair & the style won’t actually last as long. Turn your straighteners down! Higher temperature isn’t better.


  • Your diet plays an important part in healthy hair. As hair is made from a type of protein a good balanced diet is essential for optimum hair growth. Breakfast and lunch are the most important meals in the day for hair as this is when the nutrients from what you’ve eaten travels through the blood vessels to the hair follicle. So make sure you have enough protein in the day to get the best possible hair growth and condition.


  • Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner suited for your hair type. I recommend professional salon ones which are more concentrated and have more properties to help the hair instead of high street shampoos which contain more silicones which just put a sheeting over the hair giving a false shine and over time actually dry the hair out more than helping it. Professional products contain ingredients that help with what it should do such as the ability to prevent water loss and help with the condition over time.


  • Always take care when tieing your hair up, don’t pull or tie it too tightly and use correct hair bands to avoid breakage. If you have long hair a loose ponytail or plait a night time can help to avoid the tangles in the morning.